Somali Civil Society Conference: Communiqué


UN Political Office for Somalia

I. Preamble

Somali civil society reconfirms its commitment to the Roadmap and the end of the transition process and furthermore acknowledges the invitation From the Signatories to participate in the process and for the space given at Garowe IL Additionally, civil society applauds their support of the harmonization of the 30% women’s quota in the three institutions established to end the transition, namely the Interim Independent Electoral Commission, the National Constituent Assembly and the New Federal Parliament, We hereby declare that we are willing, able and stand ready to assist and engage in the process.

In light of this. from March 23-27, 2012.over 120 leaders of Somali civil society gathered at the Imperial Beach Resort Hotel in Entebbe, Uganda. The conference was convened by COSPE and IIDA and facilitated by the United Nations (UNPOS/UNDP) under the auspices of the Joint Constitution Unit (.1CU). The participants included: Somali women groups, Human Rights Defeilifers. NG0s, business leaders, youth groups_ professional associations, religious leaders, academics, the media, traditional elders and Somali Diaspora. Also present were key TR} ministers, other regional representatives and members of the international community who served as observers.This meeting was an unprecedented gathering of such wide-ranging and influential groups from civil society institutions.


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