Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari: New Hope for Somalia

 August 29, 2012 – Through a transparent election of the speaker of the parliament today Prof. Jawari becomes as one of many before him. Professor Mohamed Osman Jawari as the new speaker is indeed a milestone and a historic moment.

It is undeniable that the election of Professor Jawari is a considerable improvement on the previous speakers as he is an educated person with in depth knowledge and considerable experience in the management of state affairs. In the past he had worked as a minister in the military regime and recently had done a tremendous work on Somali constitution.

As he is a family friend I have met Prof Jawari many times in Somalia, he is known to be a person with a superior communication skills, able to interact easily with others in a non-confrontational nature. He is simple an educated Somali with a lengthy public service record.

Those who voted for him and those who voted against him may have had their differing motives. The election of the parliament speaker is over, and it is time that we put our differences aside and help him go through the tough times ahead of him after all he is one of us and Somalia is undeniably our homeland. The least that each one of us can do; not just for him but for our motherland “Somalia” is to pray for him while hoping that he will not follow the footsteps of those before him, and that he will be immune to the contaminated political environment that existed in Somalia for decades.

From what I know I am sure Professor Mohamed Cusman Jawari will provide strong leadership in the coming parliament and introduce many necessary reforms that we are in need to move the mother land forward.

Speaker’s Jawaari’s parliamentary election is indeed an important step toward reform. It is certainly a positive step that this historic election will provide a highly needed political access to the educated and competent Somalis. I hope that Speaker Jawaari’s election victory will further boost political, economic and social reform in Somalia, promote reconciliation, and help address the serious corruption issues which persist throughout Somalia. I also hope that the minority share of parliamentary seats obtained by Somali women will constitute a positive first step towards a robust democratic system. I am confident that Speaker Jawari will certainly deliver this and would stand-up for women MPs.

As a Somali, we are absolutely delighted and honored to finally see an educated Parliament Speaker with legal background. I am confident that Jawari as our new speaker will not fail the Somali people.


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