The New Speaker of the House, Mr. Jawari: a New Dawn for Somalia

August 29, 2012 – The public will begin to breathe fresh air following today’s election that ended of electing a great man, a true Somali for the speaker of the house. Mr. Jawari is a man believed to bring stability and rules of law in a notorious parliament known to be one of the most chaotic parliament in the world as previous speakers veered from their traditional role of impartiality, and neutrality leading to a political standstill that had paralyzed the nation. Somalia is a country that has suffered enormously in the hands of its rogue citizens. It is a celebration for all peace loving Somalis to witness such a great change in the Somali politics. Jawari’s election is also a sigh relief and a happy end for UNPOS, the international community and the public who knew the process to end the transition to be fraudulent, but still hoped for a better outcome.

Mr. Jawari has a long career of public service. He has held various positions including a ministerial level in the pre-civil war governments. He has been a teacher, an educator, a politician and a constitutional expert. Mr. Jawari has earned the public trust and that of the international community and is the right man for the job. He brings a wealth of experience to the job. He is very competent, dynamic and highly knowledgeable. As a member of constitutional expert I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Jawari. His friends describe him as a hard worker, but for me, he is a workaholic. He will deliver any action items assigned to him the next morning even if he had a late night meeting. During our assignments he exceeded my expectations and the expectation of my other colleagues.

Under his leadership we expect the Somali parliament to reform itself, do its job in lieu of engaging in unending conflict with the executive branches of the government. Nevertheless, there is a daunting task a head and the road to stability will not be smooth. It will require patience, commitment to succeed and focusing mainly on the commonalities rather than the differences. He will need to build a strong team to achieve the real democratic reform for the parliament. He is a good listener, someone who can work with anybody without any reservations and above all he is not a polarizer. He understands the ailment of the Somali parliament and will for sure bring the right remedy.

Although he is the right man for the job, his success will be determined by the new president because it is a team work that will lead to a stable and a dignified Somalia.
Electing a great leader for a president, Somalia’s misery will be a history of the past. So far Somalia seems to be blessed after today’s election of the speaker of the house and hope the blessing to continue leading to an election of a President with a great vision, who can reconcile, and bring people together. May Allah grant us a president who is committed to save this nation of Somalia from collapsing further into chaos? Amen.

The credit of today’s victory goes to the Somali parliamentarians who stood and delivered the much needed hope. But remember, the public is expecting for a double victory similar to what we have witnessed in the summer Olympics in London with Mo Farah winning the 5 and 10,000M gold medals. If the public’s call is honored, a new page of Somali history is about to begin.


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