(Somalis, stand up; Stand up and lean on each other; And Help anyone who is in need)

“Soomaaliyey Toosoy, Toosoy Isku Tiirsada;
Hadba Kiina Taag Daranee, Taageera Weligiina”


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  1. Can Somalia’s Political Discontent Inspire Transformation?

    September 21 2012
    Exhausted by prolonged anarchy, chronic dependency, cancerous corruption, and humiliating subjugation, the Somali people demanded change. Not just change of guards or principled actors, but a total overhaul of the political order of the day.

    On September 10, 2012, the newly appointed parliament has heeded the call of its citizens and elected Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as the President of post transition Somalia.

    That historic date would be remembered as the one that underscored two significant realities: the resilience of the Somali people as they demonstrated their unwavering commitment to reclaim their nation, and how the will of the people enhanced with consolidated political objectives changed the course of national history.

    The former would not have been possible without the persistence that motivates the Somali nomad to overcome adversities and to survive severe drought by migrating to greener pastures, and the hope that motivates the farmer to plow the field and sow the seed and have faith in the germination process that takes place beneath the earth. And the latter would not have been possible if it were not for the foresight, agency and negotiations of various grassroots political activists who were determined to pave a new political pathway against all odds.

    How likely is that pathway to lead to transformation and to the salvation of the nation, or bedbaadinta Maandeeq?

    The answer would depend on two critical factors. First, whether the following principal actors would work in cooperative cohesion or would carry on in a similar disarray and frustration that has lately been the norm in Somalia. Second, whether or not they would embrace these or similar priorities:

    New Parliament:

    Diligently asserting the Parliament’s legislative authority and never forgetting to differentiate the common good from all other political interests.

    Upholding the honor of the Parliament as the most important institution in the nation and preventing any revolving door scenario; hence, publicly censuring anyone who might try to jump ship and abandon his or her position after failing to achieve his or her myopic political objective.

    Completing the Provisional Constitution by immediately making all necessary amendments for that document to exclusively represent the common interest of Somalia and Somalis.

    New President:

    Never forgetting that, other than God, it is being there with the people as an advocate and as a provider of direly needed services that made his ascendency and undisputable mandate possible, and that squandering such support is unfathomable.

    Becoming the catalyst for reconciliation and a Somali-centric political order in which Somalis handle their own domestic affairs in their own country while keeping in mind that no foreign interest groups in the form of an individual or a nation has more rights to Somalia than the citizen of that nation.

    Transparently making decisions based on “Is it ethical?” “Is it good for Somalia?” and “What are the long-term consequences?” And keeping in mind that neither security nor political stability could be sustained without sustained public support and gaining such support without transparency to help heal the cynicism of hearts and the minds of a traumatized nation is a hopeless endeavor.

    New Prime Minister:

    Assembling a competent team of ministers with sense of enlightened nationalism; a team that is free of the obsolete ideals of irredentism or military claim of Somali-inhabited territories that are administered by foreign states.

    Crafting a viable strategy for governmental reform and institutional capacity-building with specific deadlines and accountability component, and appointing an independent ad hoc committee to oversee implementation process and progress.

    Appointing another team of Somali experts as Foreign Policy Advisory to help craft the government’s foreign relations priorities; also, on policies towards countries with shared strategic interests of economic, political, and social nature. Likewise, appointing a team of experts as Defense Policy Advisory to help craft the administration’s National Defense Strategy that is more comprehensive than the publicly circulated National Security and Stabilization Plan whose central focus was on the current threat posed by al-Shabaab without offering specific dates on when an adequate national army to replace AMISOM would be ready. And lastly, appointing a team of experts as Economic Policy Advisory to recommend national assets recovery strategy, investment attraction, job creation, etc.

    The Somali People:

    Calibrating expectation as the current political, social, economic, and sectarian problems neither developed overnight nor could they be solved overnight and keeping in mind that every positive initiative or action might not yield clearly positive outcome in the immediate sense.

    Accepting the self-evident fact that Somalis, as individuals, clans, and regions are interdependent politically, economically, and socially for their collective survival.

    Assisting the government to cultivate a critical mass- a grassroots foot soldiers for positive societal transformation and doing away with all the failed models of the past two decades.


    Remembering the Prophet Muhammad’s teaching that a true person of faith is not bitten from the same snake hole twice, and that militant extremism leads to nowhere other than failure, destruction, and death.

    Trading violence and extremism with dialogue and reconciliation and keeping in mind that people are in dire need for service and that service-delivery is almost impossibility during wars.

    Realizing that as a nation we have already lost an entire generation to this senseless conflict, and that in Islam people are obligated to earnestly accept peace when extended to them, and even in just causes, armed struggle is justified only after all dialogue and diplomatic options were hopelessly exhausted.

    United Nations:

    Decommissioning United Nations Political Office for Somalia as keeping such an office operating in Mogadishu clearly undermines the political and functional authority of the new government. The Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia is broadly seen as the “Colonial Governor” wielding unchecked power granted by an external source.

    Recognizing the “environmental ticking bomb” in the Somali coast by issuing tough resolutions banning the illegal hyper-fishing and dumping radio-active waste in the Somali waters.
    Third, lifting the arms embargo as it has lost its effectiveness. It has never prevented the illegal flow of arms into Somalia; it only prevented the government from getting even light arms through the legal means.

    African Union & IGAD:

    Recognizing Somalia’s emergence out of the transitional period and how it is bent on handling its own affairs.

    Stopping the front-line states’ well documented fueling of the Somali fratricide by supporting one favorite group against another.

    Preventing the front-line states’ direct impositions and exploitation by maritime land grab.

    Somali Civil Societies:

    Recognizing that the new President would be counted as one of the civil societies’ own and as such would share the positive and, God forbid, the negatives.

    Committing to neutrality for the sake of the people and the nation by assisting the new government when it is doing the right thing, correcting it when its wrong, and opposing it if it ever goes off track or astray.

    Promoting self-correction by exposing those among the civil societies who still have their heads stuck in clan-centric gutters or have established a pattern of playing the role of political arsonists.

    Republic of Turkey:

    Expanding its successful humanitarian and development projects and creating jobs by partnering with local entrepreneurs, businesses, and service providing organizations.

    Utilizing the political and social capital to advance the reconciliation process, especially between the government and al-Shabaab.

    Assisting in the institutional-building process, including the security apparatus.

    United States of America:

    Reexamining its counter-terrorism focused Dual-Track Policy toward Somalia.

    Formally reactivating its old bi-lateral relationship with Somalia which has been dormant for over two decades.

    Investing in this newly emerging market.

    Though broad-based discontent, desire to seek a better alternative, steady flow of brain-gain and all other necessary elements for change are there, sustainable environment conducive for societal transformation still needs cultivation. And that, of course, would require the collective effort of more than one group.

    So, until these aforementioned streams of influence confluence and their various troikas accept to pull the weight to the same direction saving Maandeeq (Somalia) would be extremely arduous if not impossible. Certainly brighter future is ahead for Somalia as with difficulties come ease. However, along the way, it would be utterly naïve to expect blue sky every day.

  2. Agoosto 27 2012 – Dadka Soomaaliyeed waa kuwo muddo rubuc qarni ah ku jira qas iyo qalalaase waxaa meesha ka baxay ka dib marki jabahaddo qabyaaladaysani xakunki XKHS ee shuuciga ahaa rideen kala dambaynti iyo dawladnimaddi waxaan dhigeeda qaadnay dariiqa burburinta iyo barakicinta , mudadaas waxaan xili kasta u baahnayn in aan hello dawladnimadi aan duminay haddaan nahay dadka Soomaaliyeed ee ay ku adeegteen shakhsiyaadka damaca xil doonitaan leh ee u maraayay dhabaha dhibaatada badan ee lagu kiciyo dadka, ahaydna arin ka baxsan diinta islaamka iyo mabaadiida nololeed ee bini aadamku ku noolaado ee ku salaysan ka fakarida nolol aduuneedka ,ee ah qabyaalad.

    Waxaa Soomaalida tashan wayday loogu qabtay banaanka shirar kala gadisan intooda badan waxba kama soo bixin, Balse shirki ka furmay dalka jabuuti gaar ahaan tuulada Carta May 2, 2000 ayaa lagu soo dhisay dawlad loogu magac daray DKMG wakhtigeeduna ahaa 3-sanno , dhismaha dawladaas ayaa waxaa dalka Soomaaliya ku soo siyaaday hab lagu sheegay in Soomaalidu wax ku qaybsanayso xalkuna ku dhex jiro waa habka 4.5 [Afar kood odayeed oo dhamaystiran iyo koox odayeed dhiman ] .

    Carta- 4.5

    Waxaan oran karaa Shirki Carta ka furmay waxa kaliya ee uu ahaa midka aan ka dhaxalay dhibaatada 4.5 ee ah xalaalaysashada Qabyaalad wax ku qaybsashada balse dadku u dhigaan qabiil ayaa wax lagu qaysaday dabcan qabiilku ma ahan sidaan , qabiilna awood qaybsi dawladeed dadku kuma qaybsan karaan sidiisa saxan marka looga hadlaayo oo qabiilka waxaa lagu macneeyay in uu yahay dadka dhaxalka wadaaga iyo inta aan isguursan karin inay isku qabiil yihiin arimahaas ka dhaxeeya dadkaas ayaa qabiilnimada samaynaysa ilayn wax kasta oo samaaysma asal ayay leeyihiin iyo ujeedo ay salka ku hayaan oo dheef leh markaas qabiilku waa arimo la xiriira in ay isyaqaanaan dadka dhaxal wadaagta ah ee ma ahan qaabkan aan qaadanay iswaydiintu waxay tahay qaabkan maxaa la dhahaa haddaa ? Waa qabyaalad oo iyaddu ah arin aragti jaahiliyeed ah kana soo maaxatay aragti xume curintiisa soo diristi Nabi Mohamed [NNKH] ka hor waa ka hadalka umaddaane .


    Dhibaatada 4.5-tu keentay waxaa ka mid ah marka koowaad waxaa la yiri dareen xumaaneedki bulshadeena Soomaalyeed la noolayn ayuu xalku ku dhex jiraa , Waxaa la innogu sheegay in uu xal yahay balse uusan xaq ahayn , Sidee wax aan xaq ahayni xal u keeni karaan ? Waxaan ognahay in la yiri waxaa Soomaaliya jooga dad dhiman oo nus ah, yaa dadka kala saari kara oo qaybna dhamaystir ku tilmaami kara qaybna dhinaan oo iyaggu awoodaas leh ? dabcan way cadahay in arintaanu ay tahay mid aan meelna ka soo galin Diinta Islaamka iyo Caqliga saliimka ah, haddi la dhaho xalbaa ku jirana ay noqonayso mid riyo ah aanna laga naawili karin wanaagsanaan dawladnimo sidaas ku dhisana ay adag tahay in fiicnaan laga dhowro.

    Wixi lagu sheegaayay DKMG ee Soomaaliya loo soo yagleelaayay wali ma arag mid horay u qaada wax samaan leh ee aan ka ahayn dagaal ayay ku jirtaa dawlad diidka ayay la diriraysaa , madaxda dawladaa is haysata , Maxay madaxda dawladu isu haystaan waa isku awood Sharci kala celin karaana ma jiro, 4.5 ayay ku joogaan isagguna waa hala is haysto oo dagaalku ha ahaado joogto haddu ahaan lahaa mid siyaasad ku sheegeed-ka iyo mid dagaal xabadeed dadka lagu xasuuqo .

    Xildhibaan ku sheega dalka Soomaaliya joogay iyo kuwa hadda cusub ee dhowaan Afhaayeenka dooranaaya waa kuwo ku yimaada matalaada oday dhintay magaciisa yaad ku soo gashaa [Hebel ama Hebel] markaas ma noqon karo mid dad nool matali kara qof dhintay oo dadku aminsan yihiin una nool yihiin dhibaato iyo dheefna dartiis usameeyaan ayuu ku joogaa waxaana sahlay 4.5 oo ah arintaas in Xildhibaanku ku yimaado oday la aminsan yahay lagu xalaaleeyay ama lagu sharci bini ,aadamaystay waxaa halkaas ka imanaaysa su,aal ah Dad Muslimiin ahi sharci bini ,aadameed kala saraysiinaaya dadka ma samaysan karaan ? Jawaabtu waa culimada iyagguna dhowrka kooxood noqday ee kooxo ka mid ahi Bakhtiyidi Meles Sanawi u tacsiyaynayaan .

    Eldoret -Federalism

    DKMG ahayd ee Carta lagu soo dhisay waxay dhamaysatay xiligeedi haddana kooxihi isu dhafnaa ee noocyada kala duwan lahaa ayaa loo qabtay shir ka furmay dalka kenya gaar ahaan EldoretOct 15, 2002Shirkaan ayaa muddo marki la fadhiyay waxaa haddana la innogu daray 4.5 -ti nadaam kale oo la yiri kana ku xoojiya xalkuu idinka caawine waa Federalism , Soomaaliya waa in ay qaatadaa nadaan gobolaysi ah oo ah dhowr gobol oo Maamul goboleed samaysta ama gobol gobol oo gobol walbi iskiis dawlad u lahaado .

    Nidaamka federaalku xal uma ahan dhibaatada Soomaalida

    Sept 15, 2003 – ayay ku heeshiiyeen kooxihi shirka joogay in dawlada la dhisaayo laga dhigo DFKMG [Dawlada Federaalka Kumeel gaarka]dawladi la soo dhisay iyadu waxay tii hore kaga duwanaatay waxay soo daadihisay ciidamo ajnabi ah oo ay u awood badan yihiin kuwa Dalka cadoowgeena ah ee Ethiopia waxayna 4.5-ti, Federalism-ki ku sii darsatay xasuuq dad wayne .

    Aan usoo noqdo Nadaamka Federalism-ka waxa uu innoo sameeyay , waxaa dalka Soomaaliya ka jiray laba Maamul hoosaadyo Qabyaaladeed waa Somaliland oo gooni isu taag sheegata iyo Puntland , Haddaba Maalinti uu Federalism-ku soo shaac baxay ayaa waxaa biloowday waa in aan Gobolkayga Maamul u sameeyaa , Dagmadayda u sameeyaa , Yaa samaynaaya …. innaga oo ah koox odayeed Heleb , odayaashi iyo siyaasiyiinti doona aan Maamul Goboleed samaynee ilaa ay maanta marayso 30-madaxwayne .

    Nadaamkaan Federal-ka ah ayaa ah mid dhibaatooyin waawayn Soomaaliya u soo hogaaminaaya marka uu qofku si ka baaraan dagid leh u eego hab fakarka dadka Soomaaliyeed ee uu ku laran yahay dareen qabyaaladeedka dhimirka waxyeeleeya ayaad ogaanysaa in haddi arintaan la iska qaato ay xaafad kasti calankeeda taaganayso dabcan haddaba waa jiraan magaalooyin xaafadahooda dhowr calan kala suran yihiin .

    Akhriste Haddi lagu yiri Soomaalidu waa is dishay oo qabyaaladda ayay isku dishay dawaladnimadeenina qabyaladaas ayaa laqday , waxay markaas iswaydiintu noqonaysaa sidaan ku heli karaa dawladnimo , qabyaaladdi naga burburisay dawladnimadana sidaan uga fogaan karaa , dabcan markaas waxaa kugu soo dhacaaya waa in aan ka fogaanaa in hab siyaasadeedka xalka lagu doonaayo uu noqdo mid qabyaaladda loo sii dhex maro , qabyaalad ayaa dawladnimadaydi dumaysay iyadda ayaana keenaysa ma ahan sidaan qabo aragti munaasib ah , Haddaba maxay yihiin dhibaatooyinka siyaasadeed ee qabyaaladdu dugsanayso ayaad iswaydiin , Dabcan 4.5-ta iyadda daah ma saara qof shacab ah oo dhibku damqaayona laguma beerlaxawsan karo , Balse waxaa laga yaabaa in lagugu qaldo Federalism-ka oo lagu dhaho USA nadaamka ay ku dhaqanto weeye waana dalka koowaad ee dunida , Balse markaas waxaad dhuminaysaa in aad iswaydiiso dhibkeenu wax uu yahay iyo in aad xalka ka fakarto qiimaysona siday dadka Soomaaliyeed u nool yihiin iyo Federalism-ku waxa uu Soomaaliya u samaynaayo , Dhanka kale waxaa iswaydiin mudan dawlad dhexe ayaan dhisan waynaye dalka oo dhami haddu wada dawlad noqdo saw arintu noqon mayso mid jaantaa rogan ah oo aan lahayn meel laga qabto.

    Dadka in dhamays ah iyo in dhiman [4.5] Gobolaysi , Dagmaysi , Xaafadaysi [Federalism] dabcan waan ka wada dharagsanahay dhibaatooyinkooda balse Qormadayda maanta waxaa nuxurkeedu noqonayaa odorosida Muqdishona ? oo ah haddi aan shirki Carta Qabyaalad wax ku qaysashadi xalaalaysanay [4.5] ,>Eldoret[Federalism] xaafad walbi calankeeda ha taagato ilayn dadku dareen qabyaaladeed ayay la nool yihiine, Muqdisho Maxaan ka naawilaa xiligaan oo dhibaato cusub ah.

    Muqdishona- ?

    Muqdisho waxaa la isugu geeyay odayaal dhaqameedka ah astaanta u taagan qabyaaladda oo ka kooban 135-oday Waxaa la yiri waxaad soo xushaan ergo ansixin dastuureed , iyo xildhibaano cusub dabcan arintaan keenida oday dhaqameedka ma ahan arin xasaasi ah oo iyaggu xal keenayaal ma ahan balse dalkaan burburka maalin kasta ku sii socda ayaa maalinba meel laga doonaa xalkiisa , Haddaba Oday dhaqamaadkaas waxaa loo furay maqaam siyaasi ah oo la leeyahay waxaa la samaaynayaa aqal Sare ama Golle guurtiyeed , arintaan ayaa noqonaysa mid cusub isqabqabsashadeeda iyo dhibaatadeena wadata , waa marka koowaade waxa la yiri waxaa lagu qaybin gobolaysi oo gobol walba waxaa ka soo baxaaya 3-dex golle guurtiyeed ,iswaydiintu waxay noqonaysaa sidee dadka Soomaaliyeed ee Gobolada dagani u qaybsan ilayn kooxo badan oo odayo kala duwan oo dhintay aminsan ayaa gobol kasta joogee , dabcan waa dhibaato hor leh .

    Akhriste arintaan inkasta oo aan wali dhinac la isugu raacin ayna jirto dadka qayb leh 4.5 -teeni aan iskaga qaybsano iyaddana oo Gobolaysiga aan ka dayno ayaa haddana laga naawilayaa inay dhibaato cusub oo la inooggu soo daray kuwi hore ay tahay , Iswaydiintu waxay noqonaysaa maxaa loogu baahan yahay Golle Guurtiyeedka , miyaysan ahayn in xiligaan oo aysan dadka Soomaaliyeed u bislayn dawladnimo ay haboonayd in aan wax kale lagu soo siyaasin arimahaan dhibaatada badan ee qaybtood ayba yihiin kuwa hortaagan dawlanimada , sida Federalism-ka iyo 4.5-ta loona baahan yahay in laga fakaro sidi meesha looga saari lahaa kuwaas kor ku xusan ee caqabadaha waawayn ah .

    Arintaan Aqalka sare kaliyi ma noqonayso dhibaatooyinka Muqdisho waxaa sidoo kale jira in Dastuurka dhowaan la innoo sameeyay ay ku jiraan qodobo ka mid ah oo dhibaato ku ah dadka iyo dalka sida in haddi dadka Soomaaliyeed dhulkooda qayb ka mid ah lagu qabsado ay wada hadal ka galaan , ka gorgortankaasna marka halka ku garrantanka la tago ay tahay in lagaa qaado iyo in lagu daayo.

    Halista Dastuurka Cusub Somalia


    Waxaan ku soo idlayn waxaa ayaan daro ah in markasta oo kuwo sheeganaaya inay dadka Soomaaliyeed matalaan ay isu yimaadaan inno soo siyaadiyaan dhibaato hor leh oo dawlad la,aanta horay usii qaadaysa kana shaqaynaysa is-haysasho iyo in qabyaaladdu ahaato dareenka dadka Soomaaliyeed dugsadaan.

    Ilama ahan aragtidayda in xiligaan Muqdisho waxa ka socda laga dhowri karo wanaagsanaan in ay ka soo baxdo wax kasti waa sidoodi dhibaato hor leh oo timaada ma ahane ma jirto fiicnaan laga fishaa , Waxaan ognahay in dalkeena ay haystaan ciidamo shisheeye oo iska soo galay xasuuqyona u gaysta dadkeena Soomaaliyeed , waxaa dhici karta in Akhristuhu la soo boodo Shabaab ayay la dirirayaan ee daa ha inno joogeena , Miyaadan iswaydiin Shabaab-ku yay yihiin? Dabcan waa Soomaali , waalaga yaabaa in dad kale oo aan Soomaali ahayni ay ku jiraan balse Muslimiin ah , Markaas waxaad iswaydiin Muslimiintu Ma isu imaan karaan ? Jawaabtu waa haa , waxaa kaleeto oo dhinac taagan Kenyaan-ka iyo Ethiopian-ka iyo Amisom waa kuwan Caruurta Soomaaliyeed xasuuqaayee ma Caruurta Soomaaliyeed ayaa dagaal yahanada Shabaab Noqday .

    Arkida dhibaato hor leh oo aan sii qaadayno iyo diidmo ka keenida siday wax u socdaan aragtidayda ku dhisan Waxaa tusaale u ah waaqiciga jira ee Soomaaliya haatan ku jirto.

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