Somalia: Yusra’s Company, Warsun Communications Sued for 40,000,000 and They Counter Sued and Declared Bankrupcy


Yusra Abrar former CEO and Director of Warsun International Communications Corp. (WITCC) and a Director of Warsun Telecom Services, Inc. (WTSI) was taken to The United States District Court for the Eastern District Court of Virginia, Alexandria Division, by Global Transit Limited (GTL) due to non payment of over 40,000, 000 (forty million dollars).

The Federal Government of Somalia appointed Yursra Abrar as Governor of Central Bank of Somalia, is now investigating these allegations against Yusra. It appears that Yusra had a serious corruption involvement which can have a huge effect on her role on the Central Bank of Somalia. The Government is considering to sack her or force her to resign in order to protect the credibility of the Federal Government who is now doing excellent job in terms of fighting corruption in Somalia.

Sources close to the President of Somalia say that the President gave her the job due to her impressive CV and her involvement in the financial sector. The President wanted to empower such individual with impressive CV in order to fight corruption in the country and to restore public financial management that is sound. The President was very upset to find out that Yusra whom he trusted to this role that she had a history of corruption and mal-administration of international organizational organizations that trusted her to lead.

Yusra has been in her office in Mogadishu only couple of days since she was appointed as Governor of Central Bank of Somalia. The sooner that this is sorted by the government is the better for the government to concentrate on improving the financial system in Somalia.

Somalia lacks capable and competent people to lead its public finance Management due to lack of capacity. However, the two most individuals who had impressive CVs on financial management are now known them to be involved corruption and scandal at international level can have huge effect on Somalia. Abdisalam and Yusra both were Governor of Central Bank and both of them are now clear had a history of corruption and mal-administration. So, the question will be how can the President trust others if the two most qualified let him down very badly. However, the President’s actions are clear that he wanted the most qualified people to lead the public finance management in order to curb the corruption in Somalia. So, this means that the President will have to think twice before appointing a new Governor that can really lead the nation with zero tolerance on corruption.



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